Keep safe, healthy and in touch
This must be the quietest start to the summer term in the history of our Unit! With the country keeping calm and staying in, our Brownies have been doing a marvellous job by juggling independent learning, family life and managing to fit in a few of our Brownies at Home adventures too. Here’s just a few examples of the 11 Brownies regularly sending emails to Daffodil:

Lucky Lilly was allowed to paint her own bedroom furniture, freshening it up in her own, individual style. She also found the time to get busy in the garden and start on her Grow Your Own interest badge. Isla J started on her Ladybird Challenge badge. She managed to think of 40 things that can fly and emailed Daffodil with some lovely pictures. Evie has had her creative writing hat on, sending the Leaders a fabulous acrostic poem. She also wrote a special story which she read, via a video call, to friends all the way down in Weston Super Mare. Amelia W has also completed her Grow Your Own badge. Even Mia, who officially joined us after Easter but hasn’t yet been to a meeting has started her Baking interest badge. Well done and welcome Mia 😊

Guiding Light
Every Sunday, just after 7pm, members of Girlguiding all around the world have been lighting a candle to put in their windows. ‘This little Guiding light of mine’ is a traditional song we sing to remind ourselves that our Guiding light keeps us together and shines brightly in times of difficulty. Ellie N coloured in a picture of her own Guiding light to put in her window at home. Daffodil has put the Guiding light posters, along with other colouring materials, on our website so that all the Brownies can have a go.

As well as making sure our website updated and keeping on top of all of the essential Brownie administration, hard-working Daffodil has been planning next year’s programme. Normally the girls would have their input in a special Brownie get-together called a Pow-wow. As this is not possible the girls were asked to contribute via email. Hopefully we will have a few novel ideas to consider and we will return to our weekly meetings bubbling with enthusiasm. Article by Buttercup.
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