It would appear that there will not be much schooling before September so why not do the following for wildlife in your garden.
All the living things in our gardens need help to survive. First of all I want to suggest that, with the help of parents or guardians you make a log pile in your garden. They are wonderful as homes for all sorts of creepy crawlies. Easy to do and costing virtually nothing they will be visited by all sorts of wildlife. If we trim a bush or hedge we pile up some of the thicker cuttings in a corner too.
Even pieces of old bark piled up will make a good pile if you put them somewhere shady. You don’t want to bake the creepy crawlies in the heat of the sun.
To make a pile try and get some logs from a tree surgeon or there may be some lying around. As the logs rot they will soon become a home for wildlife.
As well as piling up logs you can scatter them around a flower bed individually. This will help to separate plants and roving bugs will hide underneath them. Even hedgehogs will search around log piles for tasty morsels. Woodlice will always be found under logs, particularly if it is damp. There is even a woodlouse spider which eats them! Toads will sometimes hibernate in a wood pile.
As well as insects a wool pile will often attract lovely fungi particularly if we have warm, humid weather in the autumn. I always wander around the village looking for fungi in such weather.
Lastly, do not be tempted to lift logs to see what is underneath!
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