Maureen Sutton has sent us this photo of alternative bunting she put up using 1940s clothes. She has also composed this poem. I wonder how many readers can do a convincing reading of the dialect?  It serves to remind us that Lincolnshire has changed a lot since 1945 and whilst we have lost much, we have also gained a lot to be thankful for. I do hope that one thing we will gain from what has happened is that we all gain a refreshed appreciation of so much of ordinary life that we have come to take for granted.

Supermarket versus Church
Appen summats ain’t right maate, ‘ow come
Foakes can be awming all ovver supermarket
Gawping for owt that’s gotten a couple of pence
Off, even wose, greedy beggars ovver filling trolleys
It’s a wonder they ain’t skelled ovver on the pad.
Why in the good Lord’s name a’ they buying such a
Kelching of toilet rolls; I reckons they’ve sold enough
To circumnavigate the globe a couple of times ovver.
When I was a bairn we ‘ad cut-up newspaper, six inch
Squares, thread on a bit binder-twine an’ ’ung on back of
Privy door.  I remember the ode Dilly Man; gauntlets come
Up to ‘is armpits an’ green wellies up to ‘is thigh.  The ode
Dilly cart come round once a week an ‘muck went on land
Foakes reckoned it did yer tates good an was good for soil.
Aye an’ in them daays when bombs were falling our church
Were oppen, foakes needed church then. An’ now our church
is shut, even during Holy Week it dossent seem fair, foakes
waren’t be fighting to light a candle to pray for them as is
poorly, an’ this ere social distancing waren’t be a problem
Especially if church still ‘as its pews, just sit one at each end
and one in the middle, they waren’t be jawing to each other
noa, they’ll be praying; maybe hoping that when they get to
do their shopping there might be some hand gel left?
My ode dad washed ‘is maulers wi Wrights Coal Tar soap or
Carbolic, yer could ‘ave took skin off an elephant wi it,
Lifebuoy was for Friday night-bath night an me mam ‘ad Pears
so pure yer could see through it.  I reckons we’ve gotten
Ovver clean now, no resistance to germs an’ muck, our mam
Used to say ‘a peck of muck wearn’t do yer any ‘arm. ‘appen
Our mam were right, soa, I’ll say me prayers in me garden.
Maureen Sutton
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