Congratulations to Cllr Jordan Moran who was voted Chairman of Bracebridge Heath Parish Council and to Cllr Sue Manders who was voted Vice Chairman at the remote Annual Meeting on Tuesday 5th May 2020.

Many thanks must go to the outgoing Chairman, Cllr John Kilcoyne who has given many years of selfless dedication while serving as chairman. His hard work and commitment to our village has been second to none. He will remain on the Parish Council where his experience and expertise will be invaluable.

VE Day
Unfortunately, because of the current situation with the COVID 19 pandemic, the VE Day celebrations that were being planned had to be cancelled. Rest assured that all the hard work that went into the organisation of this will not be in vain and the knowledge gained will enable our village to host another village festival next year.

In spite of all the restrictions on movement and social distancing, our village came together in a most wonderful way. This was very apparent on VE Day when many families decorated the outside of their homes and held individual tea parties in their own front gardens. Residents set up speakers playing 1940s music and some very talented singers put on entertainment. In the run up to these celebrations, many children painted stones to leave for others to find and teddies were set up in gardens doings things such as painting, dancing round a maypole, ironing and sewing as well as having their own tea parties on the day. Some teddies were even seen the next day with a litter picker! Thank you all for your tremendous efforts which contributed wonderfully to a great community spirit.
A Picture Presentation of VE Day Celebrations can be found at the bottom of the page.

Village History – Heritage Documents
Some documents are now being made available to download from the Parish Council website for those who are interested in the history of our village and the cemetery. These have been put together by Cllr Sue Manders. Many thanks to her for all the research and time she has put into preserving our heritage.

1. Heritage Trail Route 1
2. Bracebridge Heath Character Profile
3. History of St. John’s Primary Academy
4. The Origins of St John’s Hospital
5. St John’s Hospital Cemetery Overview
6. Transcript of Burial Records

These are all living documents and if anyone has anything that they feel might be interesting, particularly information about one of the burial records which was lost when the hospital was decommissioned, please contact the Parish Clerk

All council meetings will be held remotely until lockdown is lifted. All residents are still able to access these meetings via Zoom. Please contact the clerk or access Bracebridge Heath Parish Council Facebook page for details.

In the meantime, stay safe and look after each other.

Contact details
Mrs S Knowles - Clerk to Council
Tel: 07899 888530

Mrs R Fraser - Assistant Clerk to Council
Tel: 07917 132785

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