Life Under Lockdown

In these difficult times it’s good to have so many community groups
helping out – doing the shopping, collecting prescriptions, keeping in
touch, sorting out problems.

I think all of our villages now have groups of volunteers in place.
They’re making life under lockdown more bearable for so many
people, especially those who are very much confined to home.

Their kindness, generosity and hard work are making a real difference – and in these difficult times they’re glad to be able to help.

But it can be hard to ask for help – even when you really do need it. It goes against the grain not to be as independent as you’d like. And you might worry that other people could be in greater need. But if you’re meant to be confined to home - this is exactly the time you need to ask for help. Please don’t go out to collect your own prescriptions or do your own shopping. Just for now – let us do it for you.

Our local Food Bank – emergency food supplies to your doorstep
We also have a local emergency Food Bank. It’s based in the church hall at Branston, but it’s here for people right across the area – Bracebridge Heath, Heighington, Washingborough, Nocton and Potterhanworth, as well as Branston and Mere.

We have plentiful stocks of food – provided by Morrisons, the Branston Co-op Foodstore, Branston Surgery, and the FareShares project in addition to the donations made by individuals and families.

So if you need emergency food supplies – for whatever reason - please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Contact the team:
on the Branston Covid 19 helpline: phone 07395-906-220 (9.00am to 6.00pm)
or email outside office hours.
You don’t need to come to the foodbank to collect supplies – one of our volunteers will deliver to your home. Our volunteers are all authorised adults and they all carry ID.

If you get in touch, please let us know if you or anyone else in your household has any food allergies.

Donations to the food bank are welcome (10.00 to 11.00am, Monday to Friday) but most of all we want to be sure that no-one is running out of food or going hungry. So, if you need food – even if it’s just to tide you over a couple of difficult days – please get in touch. And if you know someone who could do with some help – ask them to get in touch. No-one has to struggle on, and not on their own.
Rev’d Lorna Brabin-Smith
Rector of Branston with Nocton and Potterhanworth
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