Branston Parish Council, led by Cllr Andy Marchant, has spent six years putting together an Emergency Plan in readiness for a plane crash or extreme weather or pandemic. We always hoped that it would never be needed but if something did happen… it wasn’t going to be a pandemic, that was just a word!
The Parish Council was confident that the plan was robust with just over 100 volunteers listed to step up when needed and, as you may have read in the Sheepwash Times, it was due to be tested in May.
Then Coronavirus and COVID-19 came into our lives and turned everything upside down. Everything except the Emergency Plan!
Seamlessly, Andy set the emergency response to pandemic; identified the volunteers able to get involved; issued guidance and equipped them with the necessary ID and PPE; and amassed over 300 volunteers willing to be part of the team.
A flyer was delivered to every home in the parish and on top of collecting prescriptions and grocery shopping, Andy has been at the end of the phone to give advice and reassurance. He has taken calls from concerned relatives from across the UK and as far away as the USA.
A need was quickly identified for a local Food Bank and in collaboration with All Saints Church, volunteers accept donations at the Church Hall between 10-11am from Monday to Friday. Local residents, Branston Ltd and Morrisons have been very generous. No one needs to go to bed hungry – if you are in need call Andy and a parcel will be discretely delivered to you.
If you are in the group classed as vulnerable and are without family, friends and neighbours able to help, please phone the dedicated helpline that is open from 9am – 6pm daily. Volunteers are eager to help you and do their bit in this crisis – you will not be a nuisance.
If you want to read more about the Emergency Team you can see Andy’s daily blog on the website under News.
We are in this for the duration. If you want to volunteer, call Andy on 07546 241940.
If you live in the parish of Branston and need HELP – call 07395 906220.
If you know a resident of Branston & Mere that needs this help, please encourage them to get in touch.
The Parish Council welcomes views and comments from all parishioners. If you would like to raise any issues with the Parish Council while the meetings are suspended, contact the clerk, Sarah Stead, on 853269 or by e-mail at

The Assistant Clerk, Joy Naylor deals with the Neighbourhood Plan, Play Areas, tree issues and Facebook and can be contacted on 07487 545881 or by e-mail at

Please note that office is currently closed to visitors.

The minutes of the meetings, including those held by video conference calls, are available to view online at
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