The Branston Parish Council Covid-19 Support Group & Branston All Saints Covid-19 Food Bank

The Branston Parish Council Covid-19 Support Group and Branston All Saints Covid-19 Food Bank were specifically set up on 23rd March in direct response to the developing crisis to provide vital support to the vulnerable, elderly and those who are required to self-isolate within the Community. A leaflet drop to every Parish household was made and a dedicated Facebook page was set up that now has over 250 members. The community response, impact and results have been nothing short of outstanding.

Within the first 50 days, 74 active volunteers have responded to over 300 requests for assistance consisting of:

Prescription collections - 153
Shopping - 72
Miscellaneous - 40 +
Welfare visits - 21

This has resulted in over 90 Branston residents being regularly assisted, plus 14 from neighbouring communities being supported. Assistance also continues to be given to NKDC and Branston Co-op Pharmacy. Of specific note is the advice and assurance that has been given to relatives, families and friends that have contacted the group from across the UK, Edinburgh to Dorset and indeed Northern Ireland and the United States of America.

The Branston All Saints Covid-19 Food Bank has been a resounding success too; with generous food and cash donations not only from residents but also from FareShare (Hull & Humber), Morrison’s, Branston Co-op Food Store, the staff of the Branston Surgery and Branston Ltd. To date it has been able to provide 15 food boxes for
those in need, not only in the surrounding area but also in Bardney, Lincoln, Metheringham and North Hykeham.

In summary, the timely and effective response to this crisis has had a significant impact on the welfare, well-being, safety, protection and importantly the lives of all those residents who have been helped. A huge debt of gratitude is owed to all the dedicated volunteers and businesses who have given their time and resources.

Read the daily blog on the Branston Parish Council Covid-19 Support Group Facebook page - or on the website – under local news.
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