Council Leader publishes open letter to residents and businesses following Bank Holiday Weekend

The Leader of East Lindsey District Council, Councillor Craig Leyland, has published an open letter to residents and the business community following the Bank Holiday weekend.
Councillor Leyland’s letter reads:
Heading into the Bank Holiday weekend we had seen an increasing number of visitors choosing to visit our district and in particular our coastal resorts. Whilst visitor numbers were lower than anticipated over the weekend, some did come to take advantage of our open spaces and beaches. We realise that is permitted under the recent easing of lockdown measures.
In advance of the weekend we decided that some adjustments needed to be made to ensure the safety of our residents should there be a significant influx of people to our coast.
If you were out in Mablethorpe, Sutton-on-Sea and Skegness, you will have no doubt seen the signage we installed along the foreshore reminding people of need to social distance. You will have also noticed that public toilets and our foreshore car parks are open once again. Opening our car parks was a decision we took following consultation with our partners, including Lincolnshire Police, and one that had the safety of our residents firmly in mind. By re-opening the car parks we were able to reduce the potential for congestion and reduce the likelihood that visitors would park in residential areas. By asking for the public toilets to be re-opened we were able to ensure adequate provision for any number of visitors and allow for individuals using these facilities to do so in a safe manner.
As we move out of crisis management to recovery, decisions like this will need to be made as we look to balance the safety and concerns of our residents with the need to ease the restrictions of lockdown in line with government guidance. I can assure you that every decision we make in the process will be very mindful of the impacts on our most vulnerable residents.
We recognise that a vast number of people travelling to the District over a Bank Holiday would not normally be an issue. In fact, we would normally be doing all we could to encourage people to come to East Lindsey. However, we must all accept that this is a much-changed time. As a Council we are doing all we can to ensure that our residents, especially our vulnerable residents, are protected from Covid-19. In Lincolnshire we have been fortunate to experience a much lower level of infection than many other areas of the country, and we are trying to do everything we can to ensure it remains this way. That is why we have been working hard to push the message that would-be visitors should stay away for the time being.
Throughout this incredibly difficult time we have always said that we will welcome visitors back but only when the time is right. I still believe that we are not yet in a place where we can welcome our usual numbers of visitors.
Please do continue to stay safe and remember if you are in need of support, if you are particularly vulnerable, that you are not alone and you can access support by calling 01522 782189.

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