Well this year has turned out different!  Not at all what was expected. Everyone at the Bowls Club looking forward to bowling outdoors and then the coronavirus struck and we are on lockdown like everyone else. All the planning and match schedules are on hold until who knows when. The Open Days that the Club were going to hold, free of charge, for public bowling on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th April, could not go ahead because of the restrictions. Also bowling on Saturday mornings throughout the summer for those who wanted to have a go at this sport is also on hold. All County and National bowling competitions have been cancelled for this year.
As members are not bowling I am sure that they are catching up on jobs around the home that were left over from last year.
As we do not know when the restrictions will be lifted I can only say that as soon as there is any change in circumstances we will let everyone know.  We look forward to getting our bowls and shoes out of winter storage and get out in the fresh air and onto the bowling green again and get back to our normal lives.
If you require further information about the Hykeham Bowls Club contact John on 01522 683422. The Bowls Club website or on Facebook.
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