Dear Editor,
This year has seen the driest April for many years. Virtually no rain has fallen for five weeks.
As a household we have already started saving washing up water to put on the garden.
Central Europe is facing its worst drought in 500 years. We have had droughts in 2018 and 2019. Our water is not infinite. When I spoke to Anglian water about high pressure hoses they said that unless there was a hosepipe ban their use could not be prohibited. However, they did say that they hoped people would respect the value of water and use it with caution.
Please consider very carefully before you waste many gallons of water pressure washing your drive. It is a totally unnecessary thing to do. I have seen people spend a whole day doing this particularly during the lockdown when I imagine they must have run out of things to do.
Water is fast becoming a very previous commodity and we should all use it carefully.
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