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With all Lincolnshire’s physical libraries shut since the end of March by Government order, libraries and leisure operator GLL (the social enterprise that operates under the Better brand) has moved much of its services online, providing support and relief for families enduring 6 weeks in lockdown.
A major success is the number of people now tuning into facebook and twitter for Lincolnshire library activities which are normally provided in library buildings. Engagement has grown by 100%.
Librarians have shown their creative sides, taking Producer/Director/Actor credits when turning their gardens, kitchens and living rooms into ad hoc broadcasting studios for story times, rhyme and sign, and craft sessions for children. Receiving an average of 865 views per video, individuals are gaining a loyal fan base amongst viewers who are getting familiar with their Lincolnshire librarians on screen.
For adults and families there are craft sessions, brain booster quizzes, Family History help and even an online ‘Library Doctor’ to make personal e-book recommendations at Spalding Library.
In addition, Eissues are up by 185% compared to last April:
· ebooks +223%
· emagazines/newspapers +180%
· eaudio +45%
· emusic +301
Lincolnshire Libraries have 1,321 followers on facebook and 699 followers on twitter. The full online programme:

Woodhall Spa Library Writers Circle
The writers circle continues to ‘meet’ remotely and its members have recently enjoyed creating a number of Haikus and poems around the theme of lockdown and Spring. A haiku consists of three unrhymed lines of five, seven and five syllables. Haikus can be funny or serious, and typically focus on nature. A haiku is considered to be more than a type of poem; it is a way of looking at the physical world and seeing something deeper, like the very nature of existence. It should leave the reader with a strong feeling or impression. A haiku often features an image, or a pair of images, meant to depict the essence of a specific moment in time.

Summer sky above
Toes gripping edge of the pool
First plunge of season
V. Rhodie

That’s the time we live in now
Stay safe and be strong.
H. Grant

A blackbird singing
Then in calm of evening hush
I hear Earth breathe.
J. Townell

The small free birds fly
Singing joyfully and loud.
Wish I could join them.

And also by T. Nutkins, a poem:

Sainsbury’s Shopping at the beginning of Lockdown

Sainsbury’s shopping by morning,
Here in Woodhall Spa.
Crowds of people were flocking,
Couldn’t even park the car.
As the sun rose high in the Eastern sky
I was standing in the checkout queue.
Sainsbury’s shopping by morning,
Under a sky of brightest blue.

Got the last pack of bog rolls
And some tissue packs.
Fruit and veg had been ransacked
Milk and bread in low stocked racks.
Bought a newspaper and a magazine
Just in case these rolls don’t last.
Sainsbury’s shopping in Woodhall,
It ain’t nothing like the past.

Staff were friendly and helpful,
Don’t envy them this day.
Can’t be easy for them now
With not much to display.
They’ll be tired I’m sure when they finish shift,
Ain’t their fault that stocks are low.
Sainsbury’s shopping by morning,
All you workers take a bow.

Lockdown Lit Picks
All items on loan have been renewed to 1st June 2020. If the situation continues, items will be renewed to a later date.
Visit to access our wide range of ebooks, eaudio, emusic and emagazines.

Normal People
by Sally Rooney

Connell and Marianne grow up in the same small town in rural Ireland. The similarities end there; they are from very different worlds. When they both earn places at Trinity College in Dublin, a connection that has grown between them lasts long into the following years. This is an exquisite love story about how a person can change another person's life - a simple yet profound realisation that unfolds beautifully over the course of the novel. It tells us how difficult it is to talk about how we feel and it tells us - blazingly - about cycles of domination, legitimacy and privilege.

This title is available to download or reserve as an e-book or e-audio book.

The following titles are available to download or reserve as e-books.

By James Swallow

The Language of Kindness: A Nurse’s Story
by Christie Watson

Children’s Book Choice
*The Secret Garden
by Frances Hodgson Burnett

*Readers recommended read
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