One of the frustrations of life under lockdown is the difficulty of getting hold of cash.

It’s fine to pay bills on-line, easy to pay using your bank card by phone. But what if someone else is doing your shopping for you?

You can’t give them your bank card and pin details. At least you ought not to. So how to pay for your groceries?

One way is to buy Lincolnshire Co-op Vouchers. These are a new idea, launched recently to help people who need other people to do their shopping for them.

You can buy the £20 vouchers over the phone. They are delivered by post to your chosen address, ready to use to buy your shopping. They can be used to buy goods from any Lincolnshire Co-op Food Store. If your shopping comes to less than multiples of £20 change can be given.

To buy your vouchers phone (01522) 544-632. Please have your bank card ready when you call. The phone line is open Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 3.00pm, except on Bank Holidays.

For more detailed information, call the Co-op Community Team on (01522) 544-632.
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