Brothers and Sister, I bid you beware
Of giving your heart to a dog to tear
-Rudyard Kipling
Sadly, I have to report that our dog, Mia died on 4 April after a short illness.
I have told some people in Nettleham but others may be wondering why we are walking without a dog.
Mia came to us in a bad way from a breeder and we spent a while putting her back together in the form of about four major surgeries. She was six when we took her on in 2014. She was a delightful dog, eventually very happy and outgoing. She could be wilful as most spaniels are but she was loving and kind with not an ounce of malice in her.
We took her on numerous trips including Orkney and other parts of Scotland several times. She also went as far south as South Wales. The photograph shows her high up in Scotland overlooking the Isle of Mull. She was never happier than when out on one of her numerous long walks.
She is sadly missed and have put her under the greengage tree surrounded by forget me nots. Thank you for condolence cards received from people I did tell.
Phyllis Maiden and John
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