St John’s Church Bracebridge Heath
We are here for you, our parish community, during this unprecedented crisis. Revd Jacqueline and others pray at 9am and 5pm each day, please email any prayer requests to her.
Due to closure of all churches we are saddened that our thriving activities, Butterflies, Crafty and Games Club, After School Messy Church and our Sunday worship and fun are cancelled for now.
We continue to minister and serve you and those from our church who are able to be are part of the Bracebridge Heath Voluntary service.  For further information on our continuing ministry we invite you to join us on our busy Facebook page or contact Revd Jacqueline.
After any trauma there comes a time in our lives, church and community for recovery, for healing, and we hope that we at St John’s church can be part of this.
When this is all over there will be a time for reflecting, consolidating and reshaping the ways we look after one another.
It’s been heart warming to hear and see the ways in which people in our community have stepped up to help others in so many ways.
When the time comes we at St Johns will pick up once again the things that were going well in our service and worship and perhaps begin new things.
Bracebridge Heath is crying out for a Youth Group and it would be great to perhaps build on the community spirit we have achieved and work together in this way.
If you would like to be part of something new when this is all over please contact Revd Jacqueline.
With love from all at St John’s Church.

Hello from the Vicarage Bracebridge Heath
I’ve heard a lot recently and perhaps you have too, people saying ‘when we’re back to normal’.
Easter this year was not at all ‘normal’.
At St John’s we have not been able to go ahead with our plans for Easter Messy Church after school club, Easter Butterflies, or indeed any of our activities.
Most importantly, we have not been able to gather in church during holy Week and on Easter Sunday.  Not being able to be with one another, and to welcome those of you who wanted to come along, has brought us much sadness.
There is a post circulating on FB this week comparing the dark situation we are living through today to that of the very first Easter.  The first Easter took place not in a church but near an empty tomb with the disciples locked inside their house in darkness wondering how they could ever move forward.
Perhaps this year our Easter was actually very biblical.
The opening words of the reading from St John’s gospel (chapter 20 1-18) for Easter Sunday suggest that the resurrection happened not in the light of a sunny morning but from a place of darkness.
Early on the first day of the week, while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene came to the tomb and saw that the stone had been removed.
It is in darkness of predawn that the joy of Easter Sunday began, with fear, bewilderment and deep uncertainty among those who knew and loved Jesus locked in their houses. There was nothing normal about that first Easter but rather fear, bewilderment and deep uncertainty………
Amidst all of this, which is sadly our reality today also, there is joy this Easter, joy and hope…..for from a place of death on a cross, misery, grief and pain, God brought about resurrection.
Though we are living through the darkest of times, we as Christians can be joyful as we hold onto the hope we have in Christ. A hope we see all around us, in the singing of the birds, the signs of spring, connections we make over FB, by email and in phone conversations. In the unity and solidarity we find on a Thursday evening as we clap in thanks for the NHS and all those who help us. In the working together as a community for the most vulnerable in our midst.
For those first Christians, and perhaps for us too, things will never be the same again.  I pray that for us in Bracebridge Heath a ‘new normal’ will arise where we can continue to work together for the good of all of our community. That out of the deep darkness of our current situation will come a new beginning for us all.
God Bless,
Revd Jacqueline
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