I would like to take this opportunity to say ‘Thank you’ to anyone who provided a service during the lockdown.
This particularly applies to the Co-op who managed to keep the shop going all the way through with little or no interruption. The shop was kept spotlessly clean and the staff were meticulous in hand wiping and keeping their distance. People queued in an orderly fashion outside and unlike bigger stores there were no fisticuffs over toilet rolls and other panic buying items! The shop in Lodge Lane also organised things so that no more than two people could enter at one time.
The Pharmacy was also well organised and people waited on the pavement outside to be called in to avoid crowding.
It is very strange having to dodge about when someone has walked towards you but I am sure it has been done with good humour. The hardest part for me, having lost my dog, was not being allowed to touch dogs being walked in the village. I will make up for this when things get better.
Many people offered help to neighbours and elderly people, living alone, were not neglected. Shopping was collected for people and a vibrant volunteer group was set up. I walked and cycled every day and everyone was friendly, practising social distancing and keeping up a friendly banter, even if it was across a road! I have not seen anyone flouting the lockdown rules and all were aware of the need not to talk in groups.
It was a relief to know that if something had happened, I could rely on people in the road to help out by picking up the telephone. Slips of paper were put through the door with offers of help and telephone numbers. Indeed I phoned neighbours just for a chat and it was very welcome. We also received home made cake from a neighbour.
I also needed to consult a doctor. This was done over the internet. I was telephoned back and a prescription was waiting for me at the Pharmacy. That’s what I call service.
I cannot mention all the kind acts carried out because I have not mixed with people to hear about them but I think Nettleham should be proud of the way everyone has coped with a very difficult situation. Thank you to anyone who helped others during these strange times.
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