HELLO to all our members still out there and any prospective members who have missed the chance to join us. Just to let you know that at the moment we are still in existence, although not meeting - like many other groups.

It seems such an odd year.  We got off to a good start with the AGM and the February talk from Alan Stennett about the History of Kirkstead/Woodhall junction and then – whoosh – it all went pear shaped and here we are, all barely allowed to leave our homes, although by the time you read this, I hope things will have improved.

We cancelled all our meetings until September, but whether we can resume then will depend on whether NKDC allow their meeting rooms to be opened and if so will there be a restriction on numbers? Also we have to appreciate that some people may not want to meet in a large group until we are absolutely sure that we are not putting anyone’s health at risk.

But let’s be positive and look forward to when we can hold meetings again and even if we miss the remainder of this year, we will return with renewed vigour in 2021.  On the plus side, I will already have the start of a programme of speakers for 2021 as they had to be cancelled in 2020 and the two visits, possibly to Laxton Open Fields project and the Waste Recycling Centre can be reinstated.

Our normal meeting time is 7.30 pm on the 4th Thursday of the month, except August (and afternoon visits), at Millers Road Communal Centre, Waddington, LN5 9RX, just off the main A607 between Lincoln and Grantham. New members are always welcome.

Stay safe and healthy and enjoy the sunshine if you are able.  We will get together again as soon as we can.
Secretary to the Group.
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